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• Drivers (Car club members) = R 400
• Drivers (non-car club members) = R 400
• Passengers = R 100pp

Registration on the day is open between 09H00 and 11H00.

For further information, please contact:
Hendri du Plessis



The trackday to be held at Zwartkops promises to be great fun! The following points will assist to make the day run smoothly and avoid frustration.


You will need a crash helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed, non-slip shoes. Bring along some cash for regalia and something to eat at the canteen.


You car will be scrutineered before you will be allowed on track. The following have to comply, in order for your car to be allowed on track:
• Your car must be road worthy, therefore it has to have a legal seat belt, road tires in good condition, windscreen without chips or cracks and no fluid leaks.
• Your car battery has to be securely fastened.
• Your fuel tank has to be securely fastened.
• No loose body parts to be on the car.
• Brakes have to be in good condition and the brake pedal should be firm.
• Exhaust should not leak.

In order to enjoy your drive on the track even more, check the following before you go on track:

• Tire pressure should ideally be slightly higher than standard. This will help prevent tire deformation during cornering. For tires with standard pressure of 2.2 bar, increasing the pressure to 2.5 Bar should suffice. Do NOT over-inflate tires, as they may burst on track.
• Check water, oil and brake fluid levels and ensure all levels are topped up to the MAX mark.
• Ensure that there are NO loose items in the car or boot. Loose items shift and may cause damage.
• A good set of spark plugs can make a difference in performance.

For further information, please contact: Hendri du Plessis (

9:45Drivers Briefing
10:00Novice & 4 Cyl
10:156 Cyl & Turbo & Trofeo
10:30Novice & 4 Cyl
10:456 Cyl & Turbo & Trofeo
11:00Arnold Chatz
11:15Novice & 4 Cyl
11:306 Cyl & Turbo & Trofeo
11:45Novice & 4 Cyl
12:006 Cyl & Turbo & Trofeo
12:15Arnold Chatz
12:30Parade Lap
13:00Track Closed!


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